Tomas Lacke

Tomas Lacke

”You need to forget about the glamour. Forget about talent and about waiting for inspiration and just get to work. It's work. You gotta keep working. ” Self taught Swedish artist and gallery owner Tomas Lacke puts work ethic on top of the list of traits required to make a name for oneself in the art community.
With a style influenced by classic oil painting and street art, Lacke targets modern society’s downsides. Fascinated by extreme behaviour and striving to make something attractive out of the less flattering sides of mankind, he drags our darkest secrets into the open. Our addiction to technology, our vanity and our ambivalent fear of not fitting in paired with our desire to be original. He presents a dystopic world to his audience, inhabited by a sad, degenerate humanity. Often depressing at first glance, but never without a slight trace of hope. Always with a distant, flickering light to hold on to.

Written by Richard Söderlund, 2015

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