Mikael Sunnerstrand
2022-11-29 21:48   Kommentera »
Virtuell konstutställning arrangerad i Italien
Jag medverkar i en ny online utställning. Den arrangeras i Italien av Gallery Gruppo Penxami: Galleria dell ’acqua.
På temat vatten
61 deltagande nationer
120 konstnärer
Med sina konstverk och sina personliga tankar kring detta tema.
Jag deltar med en akvarell av storlommar.
"Black-throated loon" (Gavia arctica)
Watercolor on Fabriano Artistico 640gsm paper, 30 x 40 cm.
A painting from a small lake in Hälsingland, Sweden.
The evening-sun colored the forest in the background in warm tones and the water looked like a mirror. The sound of the loon-call complete the feeling of wildernes.
Sadly, many of this lakes in Sweden is suffer from high levels of mercury. That make the fish unhelthy for humans and other animals.
Over-fertilisation is another big problem, forsed by agricultur and forest-cuting and diches.
So, maby the idylic scene is an ilusion.

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