Maud Wirström
"The vessel at the Council" from The Gathering series no 34        Kommentera »
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♥Regarding "The Gathering series" ♥

These pictures are a spiritual energy work
They are living beings
They talk to you when you stop in front of them.
Rememberance, Healing and Understanding.
Light and Communication vibrates out.

They will not talk to all of you.
You know who you are.

"This series is for the time that is now.
Waking up
Our Light
Our Power
Together we are strong

Let the Healing Begin
Blessed Be"
Maud Wirstrom 2011

Codewords: Love, Expanded Consciousness, Timetravel, , Dimension Portals, Secret Language, Energy paintings, Raising Consciousness,
Healing, Mother Earth, Energywork, Light and Information, Sacred Space, Inner work, Angels, Guardians, Shamans, Transformation

Digital Energy Painting by Maud Wirstrom 2011


The prints are made in several steps, they are taken out one by one and are unique. After they are printed I communicate the secret writing on the picture. Hence, pictures are never equal. Colors can also vary from time to time. The color may not always be the one you see on the screen.

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