Grus Lindgren

Grus Lindgren

Grus Lindgren, Swedish artist born in 1962. Living and working in Andalucia, Spain.

He works with oil and looks to visualize peoples inner. Our searching, our hope to become whole, to find peace and become friends with the small child within us.

- I find it immensely inspiring and liberating to work in my studio. I often just let the impulses run with me. Where they come from I have no idea but I let them expose themselves on the canvas. The curiousness makes me go further to see if it is possible to connect the colours and lines to a message that can be understood by others.



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KommentarKommentar från Hanna J, 2022-01-14
Beundrar dig!
KommentarKommentar från Lina Halina Forsdahl, 2016-10-30

Alla tavlor med tjej modeller är fina,
och min favorit är "he Tree of Life".

KommentarKommentar från Grus Lindgren, 2016-10-25
Tack Tanya