Cicily Elenor Bäckström

Cicily Elenor Bäckström

I am a curious person honoring freedom. Abstract painting gives me the freedom to catch the feeling and the idea that enter my mind in the moment, just that precise moment. The paintings reflect my authentic ego.
A reporter recently reviewing my artistry wrote that he saw it as if there were four different artists in my exhibition.
See that as an asset or a shortcoming, I can only state that this is how I work.
In my paintings there are nevertheless certain common denominators, such as clear saturated colors, sweeping lines, structure and movement.

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88135 Sollefteå
Sollefteå Västernorrlands län

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KommentarKommentar från liselott, 2012-02-03
Du är en otroligt begåvad konstnär, hajust sett ditt galleri på Svenskakonstnärer.